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DIY Temperature controller

Call for Price

These are the parts list for our DIY PWM TEC temprature controller.

It will have 3 temps. Cold,Hot and ambient temp. It will be able to calculate DEW point and if desired keep the cold plate above dew point and thus not requires insulation. OR simply keep the cold plate a X temp irrelevant of ambient temp ot system heat load.


20x4 Blue back lit LCD with the all important i2c interface x1

LCD2004+I2C 2004 20x4 2004A blue screen HD44780 for arduino Character LCD /w IIC/I2C Serial Interface Adapter Module


Arduino Nano without USB cable AND without soldered posts.

(I prefer without soldered posts cos i like to solder the wires directly to the board. FYI you don't need two boards. you need to choose between the two.)

Funduino Nano 3.0 Atmega328 Controller Compatible Board for Arduino Module PCB Development Board without USB Cable


Arduino Nano with USB cable and soldered posts.

Nano V3.0 Controller Compatible with Arduino Nano CH340 USB Driver with CABLE NANO 3.0


Temprature sensore board x2

AD8495 ARMZ Thermal Precision K-Type Thermocouple Amplifier Analog Output Module


Tempature sensors x2

K type surface thermocouple temperature sensor 1m wire thermocouple probe -20~500C


Humidity and temp sensor x1

DHT22 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor AM2302 Module+PCB with Cable For arduino


Digital Joystick for changing settings x1

Dual-axis XY Joystick Module Free Shipping KY-023 For Arduino


Logic level (arduino) Mosfet in large package(TO-247AC for good cooling).IRLP3034PBF

I would suggest one Mosfet per 40amp load



16awg high quality wire. solder per meter (35amp). This is will carry the load so Red and Black is suggested.

16AWG Flexible Silicone Wire Cable Soft High Temperature Tinned copper UL VW-1


28awg wire for internal wiring. i would suggest you get 4 colours. Red, Black,Yellow and White. Four colours are requred, however it can be done with one colour but that will be more complex.

5 Meters 28 AWG Flexible Silicone Wire RC Cable 28AWG 16/0.08TS Outer Diameter 1.2mm With 6 Colors to Select



8 Size Heatshrink Heat Shrink Tube Black Insulation Sleeves Wire Wrap Cable Kit 2mm~12mm


A selection of resistors.(For mosfet)

600 Pcs = 30 values * 20pcs Each Value Metal Film Resistor pack 1/4W 1% resistor assorted Kit Set


Optional Items


Terminal blocks for connecting in/out power

2 Pcs 600V 45A 4 Position 2 Row Terminal Block Barrier Strip Cable Connector Wonderful Gift


Standoffs used to mount things like the LCD and JoyStick to an enclosure.

270 pcs/set M2 Brass Standoffs Nut Screws Assortment Kit PCB standoff Set Box


This is the enclosure i use BECAUSE it is sooo cheap. However it is much larger than required.

1pc plastic organizer box Waterproof Enclosure Case Electronic Junction Project Box Wholesale


Female thermocouple connector x2

Female K Type Thermometer Thermocouple Wire Cable Connector Yellow T0240 P


This is the soldering iron i use/ recommend 

high quality Digital LCD Electric soldering iron 110W CXG DS110T Adjustable temperature same as GS110D


Things not listed

Heatsink for mosfet


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